"diving into the life of Kaitlynd Wilson, or Arroyo Grande CA. At the age of 24 she is living out her passion in full force, training dogs, hunting dogs, and adventuring with her dogs living the CA lifestyle many dream of.

#(4-6 minute film)

This is a lifestyle film and photo essay that will follow Kaitlynd in the different avenues of her daily life. Her adventurous life combined with the beauty of the central coast CA, we plan to create a film that pushes the viewer to see their own potential in pursuing a life that follows what they are truly passionate about. 

We have 3-5 potential shoots following the listed activities:
  • Dog Training (http://www.centralcoastdogtraining.com)
  • Upland Bird Hunting on family's 5k acre ranch
  • Beach Camping / Fly fishing off beach with husband and dogs.
  • Day in the life on their ranch, santa maria style bbq, shooting bows, running dogs with the quads.
  • Waterfowl Hunting in CA Grass Lands

The style of the shoot will be documentary style, a sit down interview mixed with in the field dialogue and natural sounds. This will keep the edit from feeling locked down and stagnant. 

Product for the film will be woven into the hunting, dog training, and every day outings with the dogs. Instead of a product focused film, this will be a film promoting the culture and lifestyle of your users.

Shots will focus on dynamic cinematography of dogs in all their glory: hunting, swimming, training with Kaitlynd. Showing the diversity of the dog's abilities stemming from Kaitlynd's life and dedication to training. The lifestyle and culture of the central coast, CA will be a subtle support to the main focus on her life devoted to working with dogs.

We will center the dialogue around living out of your passion instead of living and working to some day experience what your passionate about. Its the mindset and drive that makes Kaitlynd so successful at what she does and we hope to inspire the views with that drive.  


MUSIC by Drew Barefoot

Drew Barefoot has been writing, recording, and producing his own music for the exclusive uses of CANA for several years. His music sets our work apart in this industry and sets a powerful tone for every film we produce.

With this film, Drew would write and produce 1-2 songs (depending on the editors needs) to work to tell this story with very fine attention the emotion and climaxes throughout the footage. A few benefits to this option:

  • Tracks are exclusive to the film vs a re-used license of a common track.
  • Film flow and style is edited in complementing fashion to work together with the footage.
The music and the film will follow each other with footage and music never experienced by the viewer before.


  • 2x Trailers (30, 60 seconds) TBD 2017
  • Full Film (4-6 min) TBD Winter 2017
  • 2x 15 Second Unique Instagram Trailers
  • Full distribution rights for 3 years.
  • Co Sponsor or available full ownership of the film


  • 200 Images unique exclusive photo gallery with full social media rights.
  • 25 selects with full commercial rights and distribution (Collateral, Public Display, Social Media)
  • 600 Images for Social Media 


  • Up to 5 days of shooting. 
  • 2 shooters / shoot
  • Shot on Red Epic - W 8k Helium Sensor
  • Music Studio Time
  • Drone Permitting and Operation

BUDGET / 20k Full Ownership, 10K Shared / Co Branded Ownership and Distribution. 

Final Budget will be determined by brands' desired deliverables and agreed extent of the story. 

Thank you for considering producing this project with us and we hope we can help further the culture and name you have in this industry. -Ben Potter, Creative Director CANA OUTDOORS