T H E   S T O R Y

A film series following Jory Brigham, an accomplished and distinguished modern wood worker from the Central Coast of California, as he seeks to find others who are also making sacrifices to do what they believe in. Jory has made a name for himself grabbing the attention of Spike TV, and becoming the winner of the design and build TV show Framework that aired last fall. Check out more of his press accomplishments here:

Have a look at our first episode:

T H E   P L A N

To hit the road with a couple of friends, taking the scenic route in a VW Bus, meeting up with local legends that paved their way to the lifestyle of craftsmanship and values that Jory shares. As much as these films are about the people we meet, we want to add subtle highlight moments of the trip that let the film breathe and take in the beauty of their surroundings. From fishing, bbq joints, surfing, and local beer, the journey captured throughout the roadtrip will play a part in Jory's story and reflection on the subject in each episode.    

The cornerstone theme of our first episode is "mentor-ship". As seen above, Jory has been mentored by his old-friend Jon, not only in the skills, but in how he looks at the world and the people around him. Jory touched base with his roots in this trip out to Jon's oasis located in the middle of the Los Padres National forest. We chose this to be our first to set a pace for this series and the culture of people that we aim to include in the series. 

We believe in the value of investing in in a story that deserves more than the marketing trend of a 5 min short that is forgotten in 1 month. Shooting FOUND in a series format gives us and the viewer more potential to push into subject, the characters, and overall a life lived against the grain of typical career paths.

This is why we have chosen Jory to lead this journey. He embodies the values and tone we want to resinate in this series of stories.  

CANA will be producing, directing, and cutting the films to ensure the stories authentically represent both the characters and the brand(s) that support us. 

A shot from the two hour drive on a forest service road leading to John's property.

A shot from the two hour drive on a forest service road leading to John's property.

Jory and Bozley in the shop toward the end of the film.

Jory and Bozley in the shop toward the end of the film.


MUSIC by Drew Barefoot

Drew Barefoot has been writing, recording, and producing his own music for the exclusive uses of CANA for years. His music sets our work apart in this industry and sets a powerful tone for every film we produce.

  • Tracks are exclusive to the film vs a re-used license of a common track.
  • Film flow and style is edited in complementing fashion to work together with the footage.

The music and the film follow each other with footage and music never experienced by the viewer before.


T H E   H O O K

In the midst of showing off a diverse mix of crafts, from wood working to sculpting; the heart of the film series is to tell the story of why these individuals choose this lifestyle, living apart from the norm, and how that affects their families.  We want to know the joy as well as the struggle, and that is inspiring to the audience.

Thank you for considering this proposal!