A film following Aaron Pingree. Born and raised on Kodiak, Alaska. He has lived off the grid his whole life with no plans to move into normal civilization. Him and his family live in the Uganik Bay with the full freedom of the outdoors at their doorstep. What inspired me with Aaron is his drive to thrive in this lifestyle. Most younger 20 somethings would find this contracting and mundane to what they could be experiencing in any other part of the country. But for Aaron, guiding bear hunts, building his own house and boats to fish out of make up this lifestyle. 

We want to spend 2 separate week long trips following his daily life. Hear his take on the life he and his family have chosen to dive into more of the why they have chosen to live off this wild island. I want to hear the struggles of living remote and off the grid. I want to see them taking the ducks and fish from their backyard to their kitchen. 

Its a life apart from the outdoor buz that inspires as well. We love capturing the stories stir the imagination of what a life like this would be like. Aaron is a great bridge that isn't the extreme Alaskan TV type, but knows why he has chosen this life.

We plan to capture all the adventure that follows his life, but are after what makes Aaron life so passionately in this remote place. 

The story can be tailored to better fit the goals of the brand, but this is where we are at in the storyboarding process.



MUSIC by Drew Barefoot

Drew Barefoot has been writing, recording, and producing his own music for the exclusive uses of CANA for several years. His music sets our work apart in this industry and sets a powerful tone for every film we produce.

With this film, Drew would write and produce 1-2 songs (depending on the editors needs) to work to tell this story with very fine attention the emotion and climaxes throughout the footage. A few benefits to this option:

  • Tracks are exclusive to the film vs a re-used license of a common track.
  • Film flow and style is edited in complementing fashion to work together with the footage.
The music and the film will follow each other with footage and music never experienced by the viewer before.


  • 2x Trailers (30, 60 seconds) TBD 2017
  • Full Film (4-6 min) TBD Winter 2017
  • 2x 15 Second Unique Instagram Trailers
  • Full distribution rights for 3 years.


  • 500 Images unique exclusive photo gallery with full social media rights.
  • 50 selects with full commercial rights and distribution (Collateral, Public Display, Social Media)


  • Up to 2 weeks shooting
  • 2 shooters / shoot
  • Shot on Red Epic - W 8k Helium Sensor
  • Music Scoring Studio Time
  • Drone Permitting and Operation
  • Film Permits

BUDGET / 40K -75K

Budget will be determined by brands' desired deliverables and agreed extent of the stories. 

Its the life that goes against the majority that seems to always spark that attention. Kodiak offers some incredible views, but that combined with a great story of living a life full of freedom and love for the outdoors, will make this project a success. 

We'd love to chat further and develop the story to be a success for your brand.

Thank you for your time!

-Ben Potter, Director, Cana Outdoors