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" a series following a select group of shop owners that represent the heart and soul of what Mathews is all about

Main Films (4-6 minute films)


First Idea:

Meet up with shop owners and local influencers that represent the core values and heart of Mathews. We think it would be good to keep the selection of the shops diverse from one another. Some larger, some smaller hole in the wall, but all with a common thread of their devotion to furthering the love for archery in their local area. 

4 Major Areas are on the table at this point:

  • Great Lakes
  • East Coast
  • Texas, South
  • West Coast, CA

We estimate a 2 day shoot for each location. The focus will be partially on the location, but solid stories of individuals and their journey with their own shop should be the focus. At this point the only shop we have an extensive knowledge of is Central Coast Archery, San Luis Obispo CA. We would be working with Mathews to discover the stories connected to the shops you have in mind.  

One example of what this short would entail is listed here:

  1. Capture 2-3 separate scenes: Shop, Ranch, Recreation Shoots
  2. Show shop diversity: soccer moms, hunters, enthusiast 
  3. Briefly show divervisty of recreation on central coast and how archery is the next growing sport here: Mt Biking, Hiking, Diving
  4. Produce edit that will both educate the public on the shop and promote the culture of Mathews
  5. History of Family in Huasna Valley from old ghost town on ranch to their journey of starting Central Coast Archery

We see this as a four part series and we can begin production on the first film in late April. A first cut can be expected by early June.

Additional Idea: 

To hit the road from the Mathews HQ in a road trip to visit the four (or however many perceived) shops. We estimate 2-3 weeks on the road visiting shops and potentially individuals that are connected to local shops. 

The benefit to this idea is letting the industry in on Mathews' hands on desire to get to know the folks that devote their time to spreading their stoke for Mathews' bows. With this route we would have a host / rep / guide that leads the road trip and is the one stepping into the lives of the folks throughout the country.

Another side benefit to this is the variation of the country and adventures that could be had between shops. We could devote a small percentage of the film to the short detours and activities that we'd have on the road. This could be fishing, a bow hunt invite, a IG meet Mathews meet up in a city we are passing through, etc. Getting on the road would add another element to the films to help keep them diverse from one another. 

Additional Notes:

Along with the film production of each shop, we would include 200 images / shop for Mathews to use as they see fit. All images are fair game for social media usage and 25 images / shoot are game for full usage and commercial rights. 





    TBD after characters and shops are set.

MUSIC by Drew Barefoot

Drew Barefoot has been writing, recording, and producing his own music for the exclusive uses of CANA for several years. His music sets our work apart in this industry and sets a powerful tone for every film we produce.

With this film, Drew would write and produce 1-2 songs (depending on the editors needs) to work to tell this story with very fine attention the emotion and climaxes throughout the footage. A few benefits to this option:

  • Tracks are exclusive to the film vs a re-used license of a common track.
  • Film flow and style is edited in complementing fashion to work together with the footage.
The music and the film will follow each other with footage and music never experienced by the viewer before.


  • 1x Series Hype Trailer
  • 1x Trailers (30, 60 seconds) Per Film
  • Full Films (4-6 min) 
  • Full distribution rights for 2 years.
  • Exclusive ownership of films and photos


  • 200 Images unique exclusive photo gallery with full social media rights.
  • 25 selects with full commercial rights and distribution (Collateral, Public Display, Social Media)

BUDGET / 40K Producing 4 Shop Films and Photos + Travel

We are always thrilled to partner with companies that see the value of human stories with those that are devoted to their products. We are excited for the opportunity to dive into the lives of the die hard bow hunters throughout the country.

We greatly appreciate the chance to work with you on this series! 

-Ben Potter, Director, Cana Outdoors